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Days Inn

1234 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA 02135 (617-254-1234)

(Not T accessible)

To the hotel (from the Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 90)

Exit LEFT at the Cambridge/Allston exit. (50 cent toll) When the off-ramp splits, keep right (going towards Cambridge). At the end of the ramp, you will see 2 sets of stop lights ahead of you. Go straight through both of them. At this point, you will be crossing a bridge going over the river. After the bridge, turn left onto Memorial Drive, which runs along the river. Stay left, and cross over the Western Ave Bridge, which is the next bridge crossing back over the river. Follow this road for no more than 1.5 miles. You will see a Days Inn sign on your right, and you will be entering through the back entrance.

From the hotel to Harvard Square

Turn left back onto Western Ave (heading towards Stadium Autobody). Go left when the road splits. (You're on the right track if you eventually go under the WGBH walking bridge). Keep going until the lights force you to turn right. Immediately switch to the left lane, and make a left at the first set of lights. You will be crossing the river again. After the bridge, turn left onto Memorial Drive and follow it until you reach John F Kennedy St. Turn right here. This will lead you into Harvard Square, characterized by high pedestrian traffic. Harvard University will be on the left, surrounded by brick walls and tall gates.