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    The theme for the 1999 FIND Conference is Balikbayan. This theme actually derives its name from a term which native Filipinos affectionately bestow upon visitors who are of Filipino descent.  Literally translated, Balikbayan means "one who comes home."  Whereas previous conferences have dealt mostly with themes of identity, the conference to be held at Harvard University will deal mostly with current issues that concern the Philippines itself and its continually evolving relationship with the United States.  The conference will be geared towards understanding these issues and how they continue to shape US foreign policy towards the Philippines.

    The structure of the FIND conference allows for the maximum amount of learning, discussion, exchange, and fun.  Over the course of three days, students will attend four different sessions on a wide variety of topics which include the arts, the economy, politics, business, immigration, perspectives, action, the environment, literature, regionalism and other aspects of the Philippines and its relation to the Filipino American.  There are indeed a many different discussion sessions from which to choose, and all of these discussions are led by very knowledgeable and amicable discussion leaders who are professionals in their respective fields.  More than just learning about a specific topic, participants will be urged to open up their minds to different perspectives, to listen to what others have to say, to voice their opinion on the subject and engage in a truly meaningful exchange.  In addition, since a participant is free to choose which discussion sessions to attend, he or she can tailor the conference to suit his or her particular interests.

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