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**NOTE** The maps are in the process of being updated. Please remember to refer back to this site.

When travelling to and from your hotel, please take into consideration the following things:

- Parking in and around the Harvard area is EXTREMELY difficult. If your Hotel is accessible by public transportation (the "T"), we highly recommend using it as your primary mode of transportation to Harvard. Additionally, please note that the last trains come by at about 12:30am, depending on which station you are using.

- If you opt to drive into the Harvard area, remember to that it does take some time to find a parking spot. Do NOT park in areas that require a resident parking permit (look for the signs). Tickets are often given.

- It is a good precaution to ask the front desk for directions to Harvard or any other destination.

- Depending on the weather, the City of Cambridge sometimes closes off a section of Memorial Drive on Sundays for outdoor activities. In that case, take the appropriate detour to Mt.Auburn St, or Mass Ave, or Brattle St, all of which essentially run along Memorial Drive and lead into Harvard Square.


These are some maps you will find useful during your stay in the Boston area. Please print them out and keep them as a reference:

- Map of Harvard Square

- Map of the Harvard University Campus

- Map of Metropolitan Boston.

-Directions to/from your hotel and Harvard Square:      

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